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CARE4U2DAY Limited  


Health & Social Care Act (Regulated Activities)

Regulations 18 Staffing

The intension of this regulation is to make sure that all Care Providers deploy suitable qualified, competent, and experienced staff to enable them to meet the required regulatory requirements described that meets the Health & Social Care Act 2008. 

To meet the regulation, all social care providers must provide sufficient numbers of suitably qualified, competent, skilled, and experienced staff to meet the needs of the people using the service at all times and the other regulatory requirements.

It is a requirement, that every member of staff employed by our company must meet the required standards for their job role.

Staff are required to attend ongoing training and receive the support, training, professional development, supervision, and appraisals that are necessary for them to carry out their role and responsibilities. 

They should be supported if requested to obtain further qualifications and provide our company evidence of such qualifications. 

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