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CARE4U2DAY Limited  


Health & Social Care Act (Regulated Activities)

Regulations 18 Staffing

The intension of this regulation is to make sure that all Care Providers deploy suitable qualified, competent, and experienced staff to enable them to meet the required regulatory requirements described that meets the Health & Social Care Act 2008. 

It is a requirement of the company, that every member of staff who wants to join our company must meet the required standards, To meets these standards the company sets our detailed process.  

Stage 1

If you see any of our job roles available online please call us direct on 01442 462159

The first step you need to do is make that call to us directly

Book an informal interview to discuss the job ro​le you are applying for.

We will confirm by email the agreed day & time, who will be meeting you.

Confirm by email, that you will be attending the agreed interview

Have an up to date CV, ready to email us

Stage 2

Give yourself plenty of time to avoid traffic

Arrive at the agreed time

Use our google map to get directions

A member of staff will greet you while you are parking

Stage 3

You will be met at reception by a member of our office team

You will be offered refreshments such as tea or coffee

We have a private informal meeting room

Introduction of key team members

Be yourself as we want to see the real you

We are always open and honest to any questions you may have

Feel free to ask any questions

Stage 4

Do some research about our company history and our ethos

You will be asked how did you hear about the position

You will be asked, what are you most passionate about

We ask ask you to tell us about yourself

We will require to view your Employment History

Stage 5

We will discuss of the job role in detail

We will explain the day-to-day responsibilities of the role

We will discuss the shift requirements for the job role

We will inform you of the salary - of care experience or NHS / QCF level grading

We will ask for evidence of your training & health care certificates

We will explain the 12 weeks Induction period

We will explain about learning our IT systems, business app and your mobile office

Process of applying for a DBS disclosure / or an adult first Certificate

Documentation required to meet our standards, & CQC regulation 18 staffing

Vehicle business Insurance class 1-2

Final Stage

You may feel uncertain if the job is right for you - OR 

You may feel that you like what you hear and see, and you would like to join the company 

You may be asked to attend a 2nd Interview, to meet the Registered Manager.

We may be offered a job role in principle, subject to DBS disclosure, and references

You can accept the Job role in principle.

Complete our job application form, for the job role

If you accept the job role, we will agree a date & time to process your DBS application

You will be required to pay for your DBS Application which is £50.20, However this will be refunded back to you after 12 months of Employment.

We would need to apply for your employment reference or character references

You will be introduced to our HR & Training coordinator who will support you with the employment documents 

📞Call us on

01442 213379