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CARE4U2DAY Limited  


Our Management Team


Paula Hayes

Registered Care Manager 

Paula is the Registered Care Manager (Founder)  who believes in leading by example with a hands-on approach. Paula's history stems back many years from being a Senior Manager of Social Services in Middlesex. Paula is very well known in the care industry for putting the Service Users first and leads by example. Our Agency has an outstanding reputation for high-quality care within Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamstead, and the surrounding areas.

Paul Hayes

Managing Director

Paul has over 37 years of experience in IT, Finance, and Marketing. He originally set up the Agency with his wife Paula to provide quality person-centered care to meet the specific and individual needs of the Service User. Paul's main focus is the Company's key performance service levels & reputation to ensure that policies and procedures are followed and actioned at the correct times, thus ensuring that every Service User receives the highest level of care at all times.

Chloe Hayes

General Manager 

We have great pleasure in welcoming our daughter Chloe, who joined the family business in October 2020. Chloe brings a great amount of experience in Management and HR, from being apart of an integral leadership and management team of a global Contact Centre in her previous workplace. We are excited for Chloe to join Care4u2day and the support she can provide the company.

Freddie & George Hayes

Meet  Freddie & George Hayes    

Freddie on the (left) joined the company in 2019, as a 9-week old puppy. 

Freddie comes to work every day, he never complaints and has never had a sick-day off.   He has made lots of friends in our business offices as he sits outside meeting and greeting other business owners every morning.  

Freddie also attends meetings with Paula, when requested by the clients as a surprise treat of our dementia clients.


Administration Team


Training / Care  Administrator

Abby joined our company in April 2021, Abby approached our management team in March 2021. Abby was currently working for a Training company for the last three years in the same building. 

Abby has study level 2 on business administration and understands what is required for keeping evidence for the regulators.


Abby will be undergoing further training in employment law, and all the required Mandatory training in Health & Social care, where she can mentor all of the current and new carers  to the standards of the Care Act 


Care Administrator

Jordan joined our company in 2017, as she wanted to work for a company and be part of a team whose main priority was to provide high-quality care to people living in Hemel Hempstead by promoting their independence and to support and assist them to carry out their day-to-day activities. 


Jordan has overseen the companies CQC auditing and supporting other employee's roles.  However, in Jan 2021, Jordon agreed to take on a more senior role to manage all the Care Administrator where she will be responsible for all the required standards of the company.