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CARE4U2DAY Limited 

01442 : 213379

   NHS Continuing Health Care

This is fully funded care for people who do not require care in an NHS acute hospital but who do require high degrees of health care. Providing your needs satisfy the required criteria you could qualify, however, the largest group who receive continuing care are those assessed for terminal illness and palliative care.

Continuing care is intended to cover the agreed assessment hours costs required for all care, including medical, nursing, and personal care together with living and accommodation costs, the same as if care was being provided in an NHS Hospital

Information on NHS Healthcare  & CARE4U2DAY

Every patient who receives NHS funding is required to have a service level agreement for services with CARE4U2DAY, This will detail all the required tasks and calls, which must be met for the patient's needs and choices. 

With this in mind, CARE4U2DAY follows strict guidelines set by NHS England and the Care Quality Commission.

  • Regulation 20:   Duty of Candour - To be open, transparent, honest.
  • Regulation 19:    Fees - To provide each person with a contract, service fees, terms, and conditions 

NHS Providers are required to:

As partners with NHS Healthcare, all providers must follow set guidelines, The provider must at all times be, open, honest, and  transparent

  • A pre-planned timetable of required care appointments to meet the needs of the patient.
  • We are required to perform a needs & risk assessment of the patients  
  • To attend and perform the required care appointments within the agreement.

Both CARE4U2DAY and all patients using our services are required to sign a service level agreement of our terms and conditions, However, if any extra services that are provided to the patient that are not covered under the NHS funding terms are payable directly by the patient, this will include but not limited to, canceling of pre-planned care appointments, extra services over the agreed funding hours, etc.